Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Twitter and Politics

You know Twitter has jumped the shark when _________. In this case, it's when political maneuvering by Democrats and Republicans, in a non-partisan race, creates a tweet recall.

Ron Sims, who was recently appointed as deputy secretary of HUD, posted a tweet that reminded voters of the deadline for a special election. Problem was, it provided a link to an editorial that endorsed his current appointee. The tweet was immediately recalled when it was pointed out that it was an inappropriate endorsement.

Sims staffers said it was an innocent post to simply remind people of the election deadline. I'd buy that for a newb, but Sims and his staff are veterans of Twitter and have been using it for a variety of purposes. If they genuinely were trying to do that, why didn't they link here?

Political issues aside, I think one can safely say that Twitter is making its hockey stick accent up the bell curve.


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