Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What? Blockbuster RENTS?!?!

Seth Godin got famous by popularizing permission marketing. And he's published several books on everything from customer service to e-marketing.

But his recent blog post is a bit of a stretch. Apparently Seth was in England and wanted a DVD so he walked into a Blockbuster, found the DVD and wanted to buy it. Long story short they said he couldn't buy so he wanted to rent it and he couldn't because he wasn't local. So he rants about it and how it's not good service and how they should've helped him more. Like tell him where he could buy it and draw him a map to the store down the street.

Seriously? It was a Blockbuster Seth. They rent videos. Are you saying you didn't know that? It wasn't a Best Buy. Why would you go in there and think you could buy it in the first place. Do you go to a Japanese restaurant and ask for Chinese food? There should be a sign that says "Sorry no Chinese, Korean or other foods. Please see the directory below for competing restaurants that may better meet your needs."

Lesson: No matter how famous or prestigious the blogger, don't take everything as gospel. Yes, even from me.


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