Saturday, February 28, 2009

Church 2.0: Part 2

In part one I shared some of the offline marketing efforts and tools Eastlake Community Church in Seattle utilizes to stay connected to members and to welcome new ones. In this post, I'd like to review the online efforts Eastlake uses quite effectively.

The main launching off point is Eastlake's Website. From here you can find everything you need to learn about the church including who they are, why they started, location, service hours and loads of links to get a feel for the services as well as staying connected. Nothing revolutionary here, but still, a great site with the content tailored to their audience.

In part one, we talked about the Connection Cards people can complete and drop off in the collection buckets. You have the opportunity to provide your email address and request various sorts of information. One option is to receive Eastlake's weekly newsletter, which provides news, activities for the week and other housekeeping information.

And in case you missed a service, wanted to listen to one again or were interested in the music performed by the church band, there's a place where you can download all of that.

Social Media
Eastlake leverages social media to the maximum, but is careful to use ones that make sense and also ensures they stay active once setup. This is just sampling of their social media efforts:

It's important to point out that Eastlake appears to understand that both their offline and online experiences need to be authentic to their "brand". When you experience both indenpendently, you don't feel a disconnect between the two. I think that's a lesson lost on many companies.


Anonymous said...

Though I love going to a church that is in touch with the current technology trends (something I've noticed is VERY rare in churches these days), it drives me CRAZY that they charge you to download previous podcasts.

Though the money from that is actually given to another charity, it still drives me nuts for my church to charge for something that is given free elsewhere. There's something that just feels dirty about a church forcing me to give money to a charity because my wife missed church and was sick one week.

That said, this is about the only complaint I have about Eastlake which is awesome all around and one of the best churches I have attended!

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