Thursday, January 29, 2009

Find a Market, Exploit It.

It appears the vice-based businesses are recession proof. The Seattle Mist, of the recently formed Lingerie Football League, have sold nearly 4,000 season tickets and games don't even begin until September 2009. How do you pull something like this off?

It probably sounded like a crazy idea at the time when the city of Kent decided to build an arena in Kent, but boy, did they know their market and their niche. First, they lured the Seattle Thunderbirds hockey team away from the city of Seattle and the boobs running Key Arena. Then they secured a naming sponsor: ShoWare Center.

And then last October, when the Seattle Mist announced their new franchise they made ShoWare Center their home field. Hockey+Lingerie Football+Kent=$$$.

Meanwhile, Key Arena no longer has an NBA team and concerts bypass it in favor of the Tacoma Dome or Comcast Center.

The scrappy outlying cities have done a much better job of knowing their local market, finding products that speak to that market, and convinced promoters of the same. It would seem like it's product marketing 101 and so simple, but in the end you have to deliver. I believe that's why the smaller cities are winning. Less bureaucracy, more guerrilla.


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