Friday, January 30, 2009

Animal Planet? More like ESPN or TVG

I was flipping through this week's Entertainment Weekly when I came across a new reality program called Jockeys on Animal Planet. Huh?

I watch a ton programming on Animal Planet from It's Me or the Dog, Whale Wars, and Animal Cops. Shows about animals for people who love animals and nature. Even the advertising is geared and targeted toward animal lovers IMHO.

So this new show befuddles me. Most people who love (not just kinda like) animals don't view horse racing as a sport they support. Now everyone's entitled to and has the right to watch anything they want, but if you're trying to get good ratings so you can get great ad rates, why would you air this show on Animal Planet.

The show would make more sense for ESPN or TVG. What sort of advertisers are they going to get for this show? I'll DVR one episode to find out, but there's a reason why KFC doesn't advertise on Animal Planet.


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